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WARNING: Demolition Derby! $1,600 dollars damage after two weeks in their "care". Hit/scraped/dented on three corners and the nose.

Then they jerked me around for 45 days:

Russell (Lot manager, good guy but no power),

then Sue (Corporate CS Manager, useless) ,

then Nick (Corporate Ops Director, 0),

then Tracy (Corporate Claims manager, Useless with no follow up),

then finally Billy Williams, the CEO said "let me make it right" admitted: fault,

missing systems/processes

problems with the new location

...offered to send check and direct bill the rental car and

then reneg'd! DISHONEST...I will make sure those I know never consider Premier Parking USA

Monetary Loss: $1600.


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This company is the postor child for crooked and decietfull practices! When will the licensing agency step in and DO SOMETHING!!!!

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