THE "8300" lot.

Very disorganized, rude and "valets" were careless. Some cars were returned with damage. Buses did not run as advertised and most people said they would not use them again. Why should they care, after all "there's a sucker born every minute". I'll read trip advisor before I book off site parking next time. We had to ask several times why our car had not been returned. When our car was returned the valet threw the keys on the trunk and made a snide remark.

Here is more from another customer from TRIPADVISOR.COMBefore anything else, please just read this. Do not use their service for your car parking needs. (Read that last sentence again).

The good:

The company charges $8 a day for parking plus a $5 fee for booking online. Cancellation costs the fee and they state you can get credit for future parking.

The bad:

Around 3-5 vans are running at a time to drop off passengers on their way to the cruises. Around 10 people plus luggage can fit at a time, so there is a 20-45 minute delay in getting to the port.

The really bad:

I waited from 8:00 until 8:45 for a van to pick me up. Never saw any Premier can at anytime go by. Read another review that highlighted a 2.5 hour wait just to get picked up. Paid the $12 for the taxi ride just to get to the lost.

The lot used was in the Overtown (as featured on the First 48 and Cops) area of Miami. It was an old city parking lot the company is using. Lot is fenced, but doesn't exude safety, especially since it's obvious the cars are there for 4-7 days at a time.

The ugly:

Once you get to the lot to pick up your car, the employees have no idea where they parked you. They go around with your key and use the alarm function on the car to find it. If they can't find your car, they walk aimlessly around until you track them down to get your own keys.

They park your cars 5-7 deep, double parked, etc. So, if you are unlucky, you have to wait for them to move all of the cars in front of yours before you can leave. Cops had to be called for "crowd control" due to the rightly irate customers. The police officers noted they have been called about this place before, same issues.

The inexcusable:

During the time I waited, one employee was asking if someone had the wrong keys or picked up the wrong number. Essentially, they had lost someone's keys.

One of the cars in the back lot in the row next to mine had the keys in the driver's side door. To say it would have been easy to move (or steal) this vehicle is an understatement.

So, again. Save yourself the hassle, the insanity, the drama, etc., and just find another alternative to park

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